We researched this on November 29, 2020, and in less than a week, the VapeCiga vaporizers were out of stock. We will try to return to this product later in order to see if it makes a difference. Today, we are only recommending two Vaporizers. We don’t like to do single-handedly advertising, but this is a vaporizer that has really made a splash. When you are reviewing a product, be sure to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve.

When you’re ready to begin your research, check out Vape Cannabixx and the Vape Mods. They are two of the newest Vaporizers we have reviewed. Both offer significant value, and in just a few days, one may be out of stock. This happened to us with the Vape Cannabixx. We found it at a local online store, but another store had it quickly. If you are having trouble finding it, consider placing your order early, as they go fast when new products are introduced.

While it took us more than three weeks to find the correct Vaporizer, we wanted to share our experience. At that time, the VaporizerCiga promo was still available. The Vaporizers we were testing, including the November 29, were all part of the Vaporizers for Summer package. This promotion was only available for two more days. When we tested the Vaporizers for Summer, it was not part of the promotion and we found it at a different price.

Before we got the vaporizers, we researched this on November 30, 2020, and saw a little bit of confusion about VaporizerCiga discount policies. We did not find out at that time if this was offered as a promotional or incentive offer. However, we did see discounts at many online sites. Therefore, it is possible that this might be the policy they were using in place of the Vaporizers for Summer promotion.

On November 29, we placed an order for the Vaporizers and we were sent the product immediately. We found out that all the information we needed was right on the site and that there were no questions left. The customer care representatives were very friendly and provided great service. There was no damage, no cracking, and nothing. There was no deterioration in the product either, and in fact the modems showed no signs of wear, so we have yet to run into any problems.

From that point forward, we researched more about the company and found out that they were a huge supplier of vaporizers to many other companies. Therefore, it would make sense that they were also offering a Vaporizers for Summer promotion. We researched again, and this time we found out that VapingCiga was offering a discount for orders over ten dollars. At that time, we placed three more orders. On November 31, we tried to remove one of our orders from the order page, but we were told there was an error. Upon looking at the email, we noticed that we had been removed from the promotion due to price competition.

Therefore, we went back into the VapingCiga website, studied the FAQ section, and looked for other offers. We did not see any mention of any kind of employee discounts. When we clicked on the “shop” link, however, we were taken to a new page, where we saw a form for applying for discount policies. We selected the same three options, clicked submit and waited a few minutes. When the form was done, we got the information we requested – we saw that we were eligible for two employee discounts.

The total cost of the Vaporizers for Summer was under ten dollars. We were not offered any type of warranty or guarantee. There is one other thing we should mention about the VapingCiga Website. When you research this on November 30, 2020, and on subsequent dates, you will find that they do not offer any sort of customer service or help with financing.