Vapeciga geekvape aegis vape

The Vapeciga GeekVape AEGIS Vape is considered to be one of the most advanced and popular vaporizers currently available on the market. It has all of the standard features that you would expect from an RDA, including a large battery, a clock, variable wattage setting, a temperature gauge, a power switch, and a three-pronged glass tank. Like many vaporizers the GeekVape AEGIS uses the new RDA technology to eliminate the need for a vaporizing chamber. All of the vapor comes directly from the mouthpiece.

What separates this vaporizer from other RDA starter kits? The biggest difference is in the way it is used. Unlike other RDA models, the AEGIS uses a twist-lock closure, which makes the unit nearly impossible to tamper with. This tight seal prevents vapors from leaking out of the device and into the air, thus increasing the efficiency of the unit. With this type of seal the vaporizer functions without fail, providing constant vapor delivery.

Vapeciga is also the maker of the RDA. When used with the AEGIS Vaporizer the user can enjoy the same great performance without having to use a vaporizer. You simply turn on the power button and let the unit warm up. Then it is easy to use the vaporizer with the included airflow control to apply your favorite e-juice. And if you want to go the extra mile, the included car charger will allow you to use the vaporizer anywhere.

The Vapeciga AEGIS Vaporizer is building to be extremely practical. The innovative Twist-lock design ensures that the device cannot be reversed or tampered with. Also, the unique glass tank prevents condensation from collecting inside and provides superior air flow to ensure that your vaporizer is always ready to use. The user is also protected by the one-year warranty. It is very easy to clean and maintain as well. Just add water to the tank, turn on the power switch, and inhale your favorite e-juice.

If you are looking for an efficient way to cool off in the summer, consider using the Vapeciga GeekVape AEGIS Vaporizer. This unit allows you to enjoy delicious fruit smoothies, ice cold drinks, and refreshing puddings anytime of the day. The innovative twist-lock lid design prevents air from escaping and maintains the temperature of the inner chamber. This prevents the outer surface of the unit from heating up.

The vaporizer works extremely well with other vapes, especially those that use a base plate for attachment. The Smartapore vaporizer works well with the Vapeciga AEGIS, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of tanks including the CloudVapora line. The air stone feature of the unit allows the vaporizer to release vapors in a pattern that mimics the look and feel of a real e-juice bottle. The Smartapore also makes it easy to remove the outer cover and put it away.

Another feature that makes the GeekVape AEGIS Vaporizer stands out is the extremely high heat capacity. This allows it to be used with e-juices made with fruit, sorbet, or any other sweetener. There is no need to worry about the vaporizing quality. It is perfectly legal!

If you are looking for a quality vaporizer that is also extremely affordable, the Vapeciga AEGIS Vaporizer line is your best option. It has features that rival the leading brands. The unit allows for an extremely fast and efficient rebuild time, has a wide array of built in atomizers and mouthpieces, and even has an extremely quiet operation. It is also small and very convenient to carry around. You can use it with any vaporizing system, and it works great with the CloudVapora system to produce the highest quality vapor.